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Gracey- Starting Out Cosmetologist Turned Part-Time Business Owner

My Story:


After graduating Cosmetology school, I was ready to get into the salon. Excited to have one full-time job was an understatement. I was ready to ditch the two or more part-time jobs all while being a full-time student like I had the past four years.


I was ready to get the life I had always wanted!


Well let me tell ya, that is not how it went down.


I’m gonna paint the picture a little bit. I live in a small town in Central Illinois. The population is little over 1,000. Everybody knows everybody and you are normally somehow related to about fifty percent of the people you see. (not joking)


So the walk-in client situation is not the best. When you are in Cosmo school they never talk about how you will sit and wait five days a week trying to build up your clientele. We do have the occasional farmer who will come in on a whim and need a haircut. That's about it though.


I also have horses and like to travel to different places to go trail-riding. Let me tell ya it is not the most cost effective hobby either. 


With struggling to build my clientele at the salon and wanting to live out my dream life, I was stumped. I had to find something!


One day I was doing the usual, scrolling through social media while waiting on a client to pass time. I scrolled past a post of this lady who had ditched her typical 9-5 job and was working remotely to have more time on the farm.


I was skeptical, I'm not gonna lie, but I had to reach out and learn more.


After learning about how she accomplished her dream life and watching some videos she had sent over, I knew this was what I was looking for. 


So I made the change!


I am now able to create a business onIine with the opportunity to still be present at the salon and build my clientele, while also being able to fuel my crazy horse girl hobbies. :)


I have met so many new people and learned so much about a skill set that I had no experience with before. 


The flexibility and freedom this onIine opportunity has given me is out of this world. 


But, I’m not the only one who has had this much success.....


Here Are Just A Few People Who's Lives Have Been Changed

By This Flexible Opportunity of Working OnIine!

Hey! I’m Sarah There were so many reasons why I wanted to start working online - but a big one was because I’m a horse girl that simply wasn’t getting enough time in the saddle.
I knew there had to be more time for my horses than just evenings & weekends…
Before getting started online, I was stuck in a cycle of coming home from a long day at work & rushing to finish up with chores, that way I could hopefully have some daylight left to spend time with my boys.
More often than not, that was a failed attempt and either time ran out or I was just too exhausted to want to mess with them at that point.
So I'd tell myself that when the weekend rolled around I would finally be able to ride then, but as we know… life happens, stuff comes up, and availability on the weekends somehow disappears.
Know the feeling?
Let's face it, I didn't get these "hay burners" as lawn ornaments. And they sure as heck deserve more attention than the little bit they were getting after I would get home from work.
Surely this couldn’t be the cycle I lived for the next 40+ years, could it??
There was absolutely no way I would allow myself to stay stuck like this any longer.
It was not only unfair to me that my day-to-day was totally consumed by my work life, but it was especially unfair to my horses.
Sitting in a cubicle at a desk job my whole life wasn't going to allow me to break away from the cycle.
I knew something had to change! So when I came across the opportunity to be able to work from home (a.k.a. the barn because that's where I spend most of my time now) and have more flexibility for my animals - I pounced on it.
After 5 short months of building my online business as a side hustle, I was able to replace my previous income & quit my 9-5 j.o.b. FOREVER!!
Being able to now work from home - I have more time for my hobbies, farm life, family, traveling, and the little things in life I didn’t have time to enjoy before.
I am so grateful to have found an opportunity that has given me so much Fulfillment and Freedom and I am so lucky to have met some pretty incredible community members who have supported and helped me get to where I am today!




Just a 20 something year old who had a mid-life crisis at age 23. I was the epitome of a cookie cutter lifestyle… graduated college a semester early, had my big-girl job lined up, started working full-time TWO DAYS after graduating (seriously??), was engaged to be married, got a mortgage and a dog – peachy, right?

My life on paper was legit the American Dream, but it wasn’t MY American Dream.
I started this business because nothing that a corporate job could offer me would fill the void I had.
I NEEDED location independence and time freedom (and to NEVER leave my pup again).
I yearned to take trips on a whim, to hike on a random Tuesday, to explore the whole US in our RV with my husband and pup. And I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that until I retired in 40+ years… that wasn’t going to work for me.
Since starting my journey of Working Online I’ve changed so much in the best way possible.
I’ve been able to quit my j.o.b., retire my husband from his, make more in a month than I used to in 6, went on a cross country trip across America for 1.5 years, and now brining our first baby into the world… and will never have to miss those priceless milestone moments with our kids.
I cannot imagine how differently my life would be right now if I didn’t take the leap of faith into this business opportunity!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to my gut instinct!
Hi I'm Daisy, before starting this business, I used to be a teacher and on top of that also work in retail part time. I loved my jobs & loved working but I just didn’t enjoy all the time it took away from my family & not being able to travel whenever I wanted.
So I started this online opportunity because I knew I wanted flexibility & the freedom to spend more time with family.
So I searched & searched but nothing else that I found was going to give me that until I came across this.
Since I started my online business, I have left both jobs and travel & lived in an RV full-time. I spend more time with my husband and pup and now we have our beautiful daughter who I now get to be fully present with.
And kinda mind blowing at everything that I used to never think was possible, became a reality All because I said YES to something new and scary.
So for me it was 100% worth it and I’m glad I didn’t let my fears stop me from doing what I knew would change my family’s life!